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Long Stay & Backpacker Travel Insurance

Go Walkabout UK Based Customer ServiceWe are proud to offer a great range of travel insurance options to those who are travelling away from the UK for longer than the average package holiday.  Customers include those on a Gap Year, people who are going on a working holiday and people who are on a trip away to their second home abroad.

If you'd like to obtain a quote and buy long stay travel insurance now please use the link below:


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All of our policies are available for a maximum stay away from the UK of up to 18 months.  The Backpacker and Longstay policies are available for worldwide travel, and the Medicare Extra policy is designed for people travelling solely to Australia and/or New Zealand.  All of our policies are only available for travellers who are both starting and ending their journey in the UK.   Plus, you should meet our minimum residency requirement of having been living in the UK for at least 6 months out of the last 12.  If you are unsure about any of these requirements, please contact us, we are happy to advise you. If you have already left the UK then our policies wouldn't be suitable and we would suggest contacting World Nomads to receive a suitable quote.


Working Abroad

All our policies will include limited cover whilst working with some restrictions. You will not be covered if the work involves:

• Working Underground
• Working at heights above two storeys
• Lifting weight in excess of 25kgs

If work should involve particularly hazardous or adventurous activities such as working with animals, working with power tools or machinery (e.g quad biking) or you unsure if your work will be covered then please fill in our Working Holiday Quote Request Form and we will be able to advise if cover can be offered and if any additional premium is required to cover the activity.

Also, if your trip involves undertaking veterinary work or working with animals then please click here.

Please note that no cover would be in place under the personal liability sections of our policies whilst working and you would also not be eligible for the lump sum payments under the personal accident section if an incident occurred whilst working.


Cover for Sports and Adventurous Activities

If you are planning to enjoy any of the many adventurous activities or sports that are on offer for you to enjoy whilst you’re on your trip, many of them are covered as standard by all of our policies.  If the activities are higher-risk, then you need to buy an additional Activity Pack to extend your cover for this activity.  Find out more about our Activity Packs by clicking here. Please note that the activity packs do vary between policies.


You can see an overview of the benefits of all of our policies by clicking here.

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