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Farming Travel InsuranceJust had your Working Holiday visa confirmed and planning your trip to Australia and New Zealand? You may want to think about doing some form of agricultural work during your stay – whether it be dairy farming, sheep shearing, fruit picking, or working with livestock, think about making sure you have working insurance which will cover you for the work you’re doing whilst there. Most UK insurers will typically cover standard fruit picking and maybe some manual labour (so long as it isn’t using machinery or working with animals), but if you’re after greater flexibility or to be covered for working with machinery or livestock or if you’re simply after working insurance in general, then check out Go Walkabout’s Working Holiday policy. This working insurance can be specifically tailored to meet your needs, so whether you’re just packing apples or tootling around a ranch on a tractor rounding up cattle, we can get you covered.

The Go Walkabout Working Holiday policy is split into Work Packs, with each additional pack reflecting a greater risk. 

- Work Pack 1 is covered as standard, and will cover work such as fruit picking and working on a farm. If you’re simply doing jobs such as preparing food and cleaning out pens and not actually handling animals or using machinery you’ll be covered under Work Pack 1

- If you’re planning on working on a farm and handling domestic farm animals and doing work such as sheering those curly haired sheep, using tractors and/or other machinery, Work Pack 2 is what you need (so long as you have experience of the machinery you’re using!)

- If you think you’ll be farming fish whilst you’re away, you’ll need Work Pack 3 applied to your quote

- If you’re working with wild animals, doing forest work or mustering cattle on horseback you will need Work Pack 4

As you can see, the Go Walkabout Working Holiday insurance offers you lots of cover and real peace of mind whilst you’re away on your trip of a lifetime. You do also have the flexibility to add Work Packs on to your policy whilst you’re away from the UK, so if you only plan to be mucking out stables but find yourself offered work sheering sheep deep in the depths of the Outback, all you’d need to do is contact the office via phone or email and add the additional pack on to your policy to ensure you have cover.

The Working Holiday insurance also comes with the option to be away from the UK for up to two years. If you’re initially heading off to the Golden Coast with the intention of going for a year but think there’s a possibility you’ll go for your second Working Holiday visa, then you do have the option to extend your insurance to cover your second year away. How handy is that? All you need to do is drop the office a line via phone or email as soon as your intentions change and we can consider extending your policy.

You also have 2 return trips as standard with the Working Holiday policy. This means that the policy will allow you to return home on two separate occasions, and providing your trip is less than 21 days in duration, you can then carry on and travel under the same policy. So if you decide to come home for Christmas to stock up on the guaranteed smellies and socks or you feel the need to come back for a hug from ma or pa, this isn’t a problem. You also have the option to extend this to 4 return trips which gives you great flexibility whilst away from the UK, especially if you are away for the full two years.

Obtain a Working Holiday Travel Insurance Quote 

Please note that we are only able to offer cover to travellers who are resident with their main home in the UK and who are registered with a UK GP. We are unable to offer a policy if you have spent more than 6 months outside of the UK during the last 12 months. If this is the case please visit World Nomads who may be able to offer suitable alternative cover. Also, it's important to note that we are unable to offer cover for your 'personal liability' whilst working - check with your employer that you will be covered under their insurance.

If you are unsure whether our working holiday travel insurance policy is suitable for you please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more. You can call us on 01424 223964 or submit a working holiday travel insurance quote request.

Once we have received the above information we will be able to confirm if cover can be offered and the cost of cover. We usually respond to quote enquiries the same working day or the morning of the next working day.

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